How To Get Jewellery Valued

Have you ever wondered what your special engagement ring or other jewellery would be worth? Have you had your jewellery valued? It is vital for protecting your precious pieces when updating or investing in insurance, re-sale purposes and keeping up to date with market values.

However, the process can be tiresome and confusing. That is until Acuval came along.

We offer a valuation platform managed from the palm of your hand with leading experts ready to value your items today. Acuval offers secure certifications that are stored in a digital vault for easy access.

Finding the Right Valuer

Traditionally, jewellery owners get valuations from the original retailer or jeweller. However, this isn’t always possible. Perhaps you don’t live in the same state or that jeweller is no longer operating. Finding some to value your precious items can be difficult. Acuval takes the stress out of valuations with an online platform that connects customers with valuers ready to take on work. Think of it like Air Tasker, but for valuations! Simply take a photo of your item and provide the relevant details and you can get an instant valuation! You need an expert valuer to get an accurate and fair valuation.

Your Jewellery Valued

Normal valuations need to be done in person, putting your precious item at risk of being lost or stolen. By doing this from the palm of your hands you can avoid dodgy retailers and keep your item precious and safe at home. In order to protect your precious item a valuation will allow you to understand the true value of the item. Valuations can be used when purchasing insurance or updating a policy. Accurate valuations ensure that you are compensated correctly for any lost or stolen items. To fully protect your engagement ring or jewellery piece, you will need an insurance policy with an accurate valuation.

Get the Best Price and Valuation

Getting an accurate valuation can be the difference between thousands of dollars. Therefore, valuations need to be accurate and performed by experts. Acuval connects you with hundreds of valuers who have many years of experience in providing valuations. Get instant access to your valuations and certifications in the app. You can also get renewals and market updates for your item, giving accurate yearly valuations. Get the most from your insurance policy in case of theft or loss. It will also allow you to get a great price if you do decide to sell that precious piece.

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