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About AcuVal

AcuVal is a platform and mobile application (App) which makes producing valuations for jewellery easier, faster and more cost-effective.

The AcuVal App is a convenient platform used buy valuers and jewellers to create an accurate valuation, for a piece of Jewellery with a repeatable standard.

A valuation for insurance replacement purposes is primarily a detailed description of the item allowing for an accurate replacement.

The insurance replacement value should be an amount close to that it would cost to replace the exact item, or close as possible if the exact is not available.

This puts the owner or insured back in the same position which they were prior to a loss or damage. 

Obtaining a current valuation is not a well understood procedure for most people. It is not straight forward to find the best valuer for the job. It can be expensive, inconvenient and often requires a third party to hold your valuable items for some time. 

AcuVal addresses all of these concerns and much more. 

What is a Valuation ?

A Valuation is the process of determining an accurate value of an asset or item for the purposes of insurance or replacement. 

Valuations are the best way to have a detailed record of the components required to recreated, or replace precisely the described item.

AcuVal provides a smart interface to building a valuation and then generating a signed certificate. 

AcuVal also provides templates, and historical information on valuations to increase speed and accuracy of producing the final certificate. 

After certificates are created, they are stored on the platform for access, to be used for insurance, or trading your item. 

AcuVal is deigned to be used by both owners of items and jewellers, valuers and allied professionals.


Latest Updates

From Concept to Creation


What started as an idea to improve an internal process, is proving to be a platform that can be used by everyone in the Jewellery industry, as well as all the owners of jewellery and watches.

The AcuVal mobile application is designed for all types of users: Jewellers, Laboratories, Valuers, Insurers, Customers, Lenders and anyone else involved in the business of owning, selling and enjoying jewellery.

AcuVal will help you maintain the value of your item, whether it is for insurance purposes, knowing the value of your assets or trading. 

Going Live in 2020


The AcuVal application has been rolled out of the test phase and is in live beta test mode, with real users giving us valuable feedback. An official launch date has not been set.

Feel free to download the app and try it out and don’t forget to send us your feedback.


The AcuVal team !

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